​YETI TECH LLC is a small business located in Traverse City, Michigan dedicated to the sport of Disc Golf.

Our Mission:

To populate the world with as many disc golf courses as possible.

To educate and enlighten the populace (especially parks administrators) about disc golf, why we love it, and why we think it is such a great recreational activity.

To provide professional course design services that emphasize FUN play for ALL skill levels, SAFETY, and minimal ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

To provide these services and equipment sales at the BEST RATES in the industry.





What's with the funny name? What is a Yeti?

Well, it partly is due to one of the various nicknames I've acquired throughout my life. With the last name of Wildner (pronounced WILD-ner), I've often been referred to as 'Wildman' or simply 'Wild'. One clear crisp spring night, while hanging out with some college buddies on the roof of my fraternity house, I started to howl and growl at the full moon. Not sure why, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. One of my friends remarked "we have found the North American Yeti" and from that point on, Yeti became my favorite nickname. I began using 'Yeti Tech' as a business alias in 1999, and have stuck with it since then.

A "Yeti" is a mythological being, although some would say a real being, that is very much like a large humanoid form with some ape-like features. If you are familiar with the tales of Bigfoot, you can think of the Yeti as the Bigfoot's cousin from the snowy Himalayan region (Nepal). There are several cultures all over the world that have their own "Bigfoot-like" creature tales: they all seem to be sort of a missing link or a connection to nature that we as a modern society seem to have lost. So the idea of "Yeti Technology" seemed like an ironic thing to call a computer business. Disc golf was a part of my business dealings, but since converting to an LLC in 2012, disc golf has taken over the business. Now you know the rest of the story....

I am not a blood relative of Jay "Yeti" Reading, a well known professional disc golfer, but I did get the chance to meet him at a tournament in 2000. We got to share stories of how we got our "yeti" nicknames, played a practice round together, and although our paths cross very rarely, we have remained as Yeti Brothers ever since then.

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