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Wildman's Burrito Guide

Roadhouse Mexican Restaurant​

1058 Michigan Ave. Benzonia, MI  49616

Crystal Moutain has a couple of great restaurants on site, but unfortunately no burritos at either! The best one I've found nearby is at The Roadhouse in Benzonia, about 10 minute from the resort. There is also a 9-hole course at Veteran's Park in Benzonia, not far from the Roadhouse.

The Yeti at Crystal Mountain  Thompsonville, MI

​9 holes - Open April - October
3 Hole Mini course for Beginners



Crystal Mountain is located between Mesick and Benzonia, just off of M-115 near the village of Thompsonville. From M-115, enter through Crystal Mountain's main entrance. When you reach the first stop sign, continue to the right into a large parking area. The A-frame building at the far end of the parking lot is the Mountain Adventure Zone, which is where the course starts. Discs are also available for sale inside the Zone store.  Course is currently free to play.

Design Notes ​​

"The Yeti" has certainly been a work in progress. I originally proposed a course to Crystal Mountain shortly after my relocation to the area in 2003. It took until 2007 before the resort agreed to install 3 holes. The original 3 had 3 tees each, so you could play 9 holes that way. I kept politicking for more holes, and in 2008 they finally agreed to go to a 9 hole layout. The design was done to easily expand to 18 holes in the future, so some of the holes are fairly long (#8 - 911', #9 - 1200'), and there are some big walks in between. The holes had two tees each, with red tees being shorter. More remodeling took place in 2011 with the addition of Fly18 Tee Pads and quality tee signs. At this time, the folks at Crystal Mountain decided to pay a tribute to my design by naming the course 'The Yeti". We are hoping that the 2012-2013 ski season will be a good one for the resort, and perhaps that 18 hole expansion will happen. There is certainly enough spare property at the resort for several 18 hole courses, which is still a dream of mine. For now, they have also set up a simple loop of three holes with 2 tees each for Winter play on one of the resort's golf courses.

Click here to see a sneak preview of what the 18 hole layout will look like.

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