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NOTE: Due to USFS regulations, league and tournament play at this course is virtually impossible; there is a lot of red tape involved that is time consuming and expensive, hence making it very cost-prohibitive to have any organized events here.

Wildman's Burrito Guide

Rico's Roadhouse 900 Caberfae Hwy, Manistee, MI ​(231) 723-3721

From Horseshoe Bend Rd at M-55, you need to head toward Manistee about 10 miles west on M-55; Rico's is on the right just before you get to the Manistee River crossing. Best wet burrito in the area!

Udell Rollways - Manistee, MI

​18 holes - Open All Year

$5 Daily Pass for Parking


Details                                           Course Map

Udell Rollways is located in the Manistee National Forest, about 10 miles east of Manistee off of M-55 on Horseshoe Bend Rd. Take M-55 to Horseshoe Bend Rd, look for the brown National Forest Rec Area type signs (you should see a graphic of a disc and a basket), turn north on Horseshoe Bend (the only way it goes), follow it about 2 miles to its end, which is at the start of the course.

Design Notes ​

Udell Rollways was once a rustic campground on the high banks of the Manistee River. A long-time park ranger Ramona Venegas, now retired, wanted to turn this now day use area into something different, and settled on a disc golf course. A mutual friend put me in contact with Ramona, because this was totally new to her and she wanted professional help.  There were two constraints to the design: 1) in order to get special funding for the course, the first 3-4 holes needed to be handicap accessible; 2) the front 9 should be fairly short and close to the parking area.

The original front 9 that Ramona drew up fit the constraints, but some of the holes overlapped and targets were located too close to tees. I "streched" out some of the fairways as much as possible, but we were further constrained from going to far west due to protected areas. I had a free hand, however, to design the back 9, which would occupy a good portion of the old campsite area. The result is that the front 9 is fairly short and quick to play; the back 9 takes a bit longer and is more challenging, Either way, both 9's are laid out in  a clover-leaf fashion, so you can start and end each 9 back at the parking lot. The holes have long and short tees; the long tees are full cement pads, but the short tees are natural with just a small foot pad of concrete to mark the spot.

The tee signs are unique in that each one describes a little bit of the history of the area. The "Rollways" got its name from the logging era, when large cut tree trunks were brought here and "rolled" down the steep bank into the Manistee River, where they would be taken downstream to the mills. The day use area has a shelter and a handful of picnic tables, grills, and a fire ring. There is also a wooden stairway down the cliff to the river bank, which has an excellent swimming hole.


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