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Wildman's Burrito Guide

​San Marcos 3001 E Colby St, Whitehall, MI (231) 894-2000

I only had dinner there once and I already love the place. Great food, and a great location - only 1 mile from the course and right next to the freeway entrance, a superb place to get your Mexican food fix before hitting the road.

Whitehall Township DGC

Whitehall, MI

​27 Holes - Open Year Round

Free to Play (no park entry fee)


Details                                       Course Map

Whitehall Township Disc Golf Course is located just east of the City of Whitehall. Depending on which direction you are coming from on US-31, the Exit is either 'Colby Rd' or 'Holton-Whitehall Rd'. From the exit, go east about 1 mile to Lorenson Rd. Turn right (south) on Lorenson, about 1/2 a mile down on the left, you will see the sign for the course parking lot. From the lot, you can play the front 9, the back 9, or the deep 9 - they all start and end from roughly the same area.

Design Notes ​

It started when local disc golfer and Township Parks Board member Brian Mulnix asked for my help in  2003. On our first day of working on the first couple of holes, not even one basket was in the ground when a group of guys came by and asked "we heard there's a course going in. Can we play?"

The beauty of designing this course was that there was nothing else in this Township-owned parcel of land: disc golf would be the first thing in. To this day, disc golf is the only thing in this park, and it has been so successful it will likely remain that way. The original 18 have been bolstered by a "Deep 9", and another 9 holes are reportedly in the works to make this a 36 hole facility.

The original 18 holes were set up in a figure-8 layout, so that you could easily play either the front or back 9 and end up back at the parking lot. Most of the original holes are less than 300'; the emphasis is on accuracy over distance here. This makes the original 18 one of the fastest-playing courses that I know of, even full tournament rounds take less than 2 hours. Although tight and very wooded, there are a variety of shots required to get through here with a decent score.

The addition of the "Deep 9" was meant to add some tougher holes into the mix. I assisted with the design on holes 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9, the rest were done by the local club volunteers. These 9 are longer and much more difficult, for the most part, than anything on the original course. It can sometimes take as long to play the Deep 9 as it does the entire original 18. It creates great options during tournament play, and allows for more participants as well. The Harvest Moon Classic is the local event originated by Brian Mulnix that is the largest unsanctioned event in the state, drawing 100 or more players the last couple of years; 2013 will be the 10th Annual.

2014 Tournaments & Events

Saturday, June 28th

MnM Series #4 - Fun(d) Raiser Singles/Doubles

Saturday, September 27th

Harvest Moon Classic 11



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